Will you buy a car made by pure electric platform if BMW doesn't play?

Posted 2022-08-23 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

While all car companies are busy with electric transformation, they claim that they will not develop exclusive platforms for pure electric vehicles in the future. Compared with the "oil to electricity" model, the car space layout created by the pure electricity exclusive platform is reasonable and has more advantages in the endurance mileage; in terms of vehicle enterprises, the pure electricity platform can significantly reduce the cost of parts procurement and vehicle R & D. At present, familiar pure electricity platforms include MEB, mea, and PPE platform jointly developed with. Chinese brands include BYD E platform, me platform, GAC GEP platform, etc. BMW's giving up is the reason of the company's strategic level, and the advantages of pure electric platform are self-evident. When purchasing new energy vehicles, can pure electric platform affect your purchase decision?

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